Tutoring Class for Base-Making (5 days)
including the WigCaps of Lace Front Wigs, Top Closures
a. Training Fee
  US$10,000.00 for 1 trainee
b. Tutoring Period
  5 days ( 5 hours a day ) in case Class-Base only taken
c. Contents
Base-01 ~ 07, Please click HERE to see detailed contents
<> This class contains all techniques except Sewing technique in making Wigcaps of Lace (Front) Wigs. (Sewing can be done by any people who can make cloths with a general sewing machine. so, we do not spend time on training how to do sewing, but giving you the short time of explanation ( not practice) re sewing technique.
  Tutoring class re Techniques used in making & using Skin caps, Head-shaped caps, bases, etc of Men's Hairpieces (hand-tied ) in Custom made units and Stock made unit
Base-01 How to make SKINS using Liquid PU (PolyUrethane)

How to make BASES (CAPS) for Men's Hair replacements, or Wigs - HandTied

Base-03 How to choose Base materials, Designs (Constructions) according to Hair Style, Hair Amount, Base Materials, etc
[ Relationship between Hair material and proper hair-implantation methods, Hair Style (Split effect) and proper hair-implantation methods, Skin Base thickness and Hair Amount, etc ]
Base-04 How to apply Attaching Glue for HAIRS V-looped, or knotted into SKIN
Base-05 How to do COATING after Knotting or Implantation
Base-06 How to make a PU FOAM MOLD for a Custom Made order from the pattern showing size and contour shape
Base-07 Other extra Techniques, etc of extra machines, chemicals, tools, etc

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