Tutoring Class for Hand Tie Methods(implanting, knotting (3 days)

for (a) Men's Toupees and (b) Ladies' Wigs including (Full) Lace (Front) Wigs, Lace Top Closures which are not complocate as much as Toupees and made without chemical work using glues in making bases (foundations) and knotted (implanted) hair-attaching even thought both (Toupee, Lace wig) are made by hand-tie.

Tutoring class re how to have hairs implanted, knotted, or looped on the bases of Hairpieces for Men and Women in Small sizes and Full head sizes( Men' Hair replacement systems,Toupees and Lace Front Wigs ,Lace Wigs, for bald head men, women, or people with less density of hairi; or for Hair addition.

<> This class contains all the Hand-Tie techniques used in making Lace (-Front) Wigs for ladies and 3 more Hand-Tie methods.

a. Training Fee
  US$3,000.00 for a trainee
b. Tutoring Period
  3 days ( 5 hours a day ) in case Hand-Tie class only is taken

c. Contents

  All methods for Skin Base, Front Lace, Fine Mono Net, UltraSonic Welded Net, etc
  This class enables you make Top Closures, Lace-Frontals, Full Lace Wigs for ladies, PU Skin Wefts (for air extension) as well as very detailed & expensive Toupees in a partial size and a full head (wig) size for men and ladies.
(1) Base materials: PU skin, Fine mesh (Fine mono net, Swiss net), Big hole net, Moustache net
(2) Hair materials: Indian hair, Chinese hair,Synthetic fiber (K/K), etc
(3) Hair amount (density); Thin, Medium,Thick, etc
(4) Hair style & Hair direction: Left parting, Brushback, Crwon style, etc
(5) Required tightness in tie or knot
(6) Etc ( Not mentioned here as business secret )

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